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The Lindley – January 2024 Construction Update

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Plans Resurface for 1.1MM Carroll Canyon Life Science Complex in Sorrento ValleyMore

**Summary:** OnPoint Development has submitted an application to the City to obtain another hefty set of entitlements for its 1.1MM SF Carroll Canyon life...

Tallest Buildings in UTC: 1315-units and 40-Stories Planned for Nobel & Genessee

**Summary: **An application for a Process 2 Neighborhood Development Permit has been submitted to development services for a very out of the ordindary three...

Entitlements submitted for huge 40-acre, 20-lot High-End Subdivision in Carmel Valley

**Summary: **A Site Development Permit and Tentative Map are being processed for the subdivision of 40 acres in Carmel Valley into 20 single-family lots....